New findings by Swirl Networks, a mobile marketing provider that focuses on in-store promotions, has found an increased consumer willingness to receive alerts triggered by location beacons. Major brands – Apple for one – is now embracing the iBeacon technology to send shopper in-store alerts. Swirl’s research found that “77% of consumers would be willing to […]

Mazda Canada is thinking outside the box. While they are not the first car manufacturer to use a unique mobile interactive experience to help a new model gain serious traction – BMW and iLogic produced an interactive racing game to advertise the new BMW 1 series  – the brand is working to engage prospects in […]

Our mobile devices is our camera, our calendar, our contact book  and ultimate connection to the world. Should it be our bank, too? Mobile device usage is steadily increasing with no signs of stopping. According to the Pew Research Center’s data on mobile technology as of May 2013, 91% of American adults own a cell phone […]

Mobile media and social sites have transformed the marketing process. No longer a one-way dialogue that the advertiser pitches to the consumer, marketing today is forced to embrace the ever-emerging new platforms. As of late, Pinterest seems to be the new darling in the world of visual media. If your company or brand is not […]

Admit it; most of us cannot get through the day without our mobile device tagging along. We use it practically – checking emails, keeping in touch with loved ones, making notes and organizing our calendar. Yet with rising obsession and addiction to social media has us using our mobile devices for pleasure purposes, as well. […]

From the busy streets of small towns to chaotic bustling of Times Square, advertising billboards have become a standard backdrop to everyday living today. Herein lies the challenge for marketers: to attract attention to something that we everyday passersby are used to walking past without a second glance. With the ever-increasing distractions bombarding consumers, marketers must find a way […]

For this blog’s first post, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss the evolution of an invention that has changed our everyday lives – the smartphone and other mobile devices. For many, a daily routine sans smartphone is almost unimaginable. It serves as our alarm clock, our weatherman, our morning newspaper. It works as […]